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Best Housewarming Gift Basket ideas: 3 Fun Themes!

Housewarming gift baskets are a great idea for new homeowners. 

Imagine being in their shoes. They went through all that trouble signing the papers, now they have to move in all their stuff AND probably clean the whole place. 

You can be a real support to them by providing relief and / or rewards. Depends on what you want to achieve with the gift. If you want to be practical and help them with the actual process, you can surprise them with useful items like cleaning supplies. If you want to indulge them and make them feel better, a snacking box is the way to go.

Either way, I got you covered. I compiled 3 housewarming gift baskets, with 3 different, fun & useful themes. 

The first housewarming gift basket idea, the ALWAYS SNACKING box, is for the friends who snack. The ones who love sweets. Those who Netflix & Chill almost every night. You can help them settle in their new home with a (literally) sweet basket. 

The second housewarming gift basket idea, the CLEAN FREAK box, should be gifted if you want to actually help with the moving process. If you feel they are over their heads and need help, this box would be of great help to them. Throw in 2 hours of your time, and they would be forever grateful.

The third housewarming gift basket idea, the COZY VIBES box, would be a great idea for any overly stressed new homeowners. If you know they are consumed by the move and need to relax, consider gifting them this box. 

I hope you’ll love the ideas and implement at least one of them for your friends. 

So let’s see what’s in each box:

The ALWAYS SNACKING Housewarming gift basket

This is the perfect housewarming gift basket idea for people who love sweets and snacking. If you think your friends already have what they need, but you want them to enjoy their first few nights in their new place, definitely consider this idea. 

The “Always snacking” housewarming gift basket is very easy to assemble. You need:

  • A basket
  • Tons of sweets

Optional: containers or bags for the sweets, and maybe a housewarming card, if you want to put more effort into it. 

always snacking housewarming basket

Product recommendations for “Always Snacking” housewarming gift basket :

  • TWIZZLERS Licorice Candy, Rainbow. You also need Twizzlers, especially for movie night. I went with the Rainbow version for variety, but get only the red ones if you want.
  • KIND Bars Customer Favorites Variety Pack. I always include protein bars like KIND just because they’re an easy, semi-healthy snack that can be eaten on the go, especially if they don;t have time to eat. They will love you for it!  

The CLEAN FREAK housewarming gift basket

This housewarming gift basket will definitely be useful to the new homeowners in the first days, even weeks, of living there. Especially if they DIDN’T hire professional cleaners. Help them out and get them cleaning products. 

clean freak housewarming gift basket

I recommended filling the “CLEAN FREAK” housewarming gift basket with:

The COZY VIBES housewarming basket

This housewarming gift basket idea is ideal for the homebody. It’s for people who like to spend time at home, and want to feel nice and cozy in it. This is especially important for new homeowners, you want them to feel at home faster in their new house.

The “Cozy vibes” gift basket should be filled with things like:

  • Fluffy blanket
  • Mugs
  • Tea / Coffee
  • Candles
  • Snacks
  • Warm socks
cozy vibes housewarming basket

Product recommendations for “Cozy Vibes” housewarming gift basket: 

  • Fabric Storage Basket Bins for Shelves with Wood Handle. I loved this wicker basket because it’s made of fabric and has wood details. Perfect for cozy vibes!
  • Super Soft & Warm Blanket for Winter. I love this one because it’s double sided and it’s so warm! I have a similar one at home and I use it everyday during fall, winter and even spring.
  • Tea Set of 2 – 15 Oz Tea Cups with Infuser and Lid. I chose this set of 2 Tea Cups because it’s great for tea and coffee lovers. It keeps the beverage hot and the design is simple, yet classy. 
  • Cedarwood Infused Mango | Soy Jar Candle. I stumbled upon this candle and now I’m obsessed, I must have it. I think the cedarwood and mango combination is interesting and unique for a new home. That’s why I would probably include this in the housewarming gift basket, especially since it’s soy based and better for the environment.
  • Pukka Herbs Tea Selection Box. Pukka is one of my favorite tea brands. I always drink their mint tea, and sometimes the nighttime one. I highly recommend getting this one for any tea lovers and/or self-care fans.  
  • Wool Socks. Great for women and men, these wool socks will keep their feet warm and their spirits high. I specifically recommended a neutral design selection, because most wool socks on Amazon are marketed as “women’s”. Way to “discriminate” 🙂
  • Chocolate Gourmet Snack Food Box in Keepsake Tin. If you’re getting cozy on the couch, the last thing you need is messy food or weird packaging, so that’s why this chocolate tin box is perfect for the cozy vibes housewarming gift basket.  
  • “Let’s Get Cozy” Black Wall Plaque. I added this to the mix just for fun, I’m sure they’ll like it and it matches the theme.

So there we have it: 3 fun housewarming gift basket ideas you can try next time some of your friends move into a new place. 

Which one is your favorite?

P.S. You can also buy them or just recommend some new Amazon Loungewear Sets, I’m sure they’re in need of some. 

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no extra cost to you.

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  • Reply
    April 1, 2021 at 4:21 pm

    Because all my very favorite pastimes have to do with food and drink (lol) I always lean towards giving food for housewarming giflts!

    • Reply
      April 2, 2021 at 6:12 am

      Yup, I also think most people appreciate food when it comes to housewarming gifts, especially in the first days!

  • Reply
    April 2, 2021 at 4:10 am

    My favorite’s the cozy vibes housewarming basket!

    • Reply
      April 2, 2021 at 6:12 am

      It’s pretty cool, right? I’d choose that one, too….or the snacking one!

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