About us

Cozy Home Hacks was created in order to help others build a cozy home. A home where they feel safe and relaxed, and they enjoy spending time. A warm, comforting place where they can be themselves. Maybe a home to build a family in.

For me, this is my cozy spot of the internet where I share my dreams, my adventures and my hacks for a cozy home, one which I am currently building. I hope they help you as much as they helped me.

If you want to know more about me, I am a 30-something millennial woman living in Eastern Europe. I am an emotional Pisces who loves chocolate and is family-oriented. I am very close to mine and I can’t wait to build my own. I’m also pretty digital-savvy, since my day-to-day job is being Digital Marketing Specialist. My plans for the future are to grow this blog, to advance to a Coordinator job and to start a family (my biological clock is ticking and I want to be a mother, sooner than later).

So what can you expect on Cozy Home Hacks, the blog?

Cozy Home Hacks talks about home organization. Of the pantry, the kitchen, the bathroom, the kids room, and so on. But the blog is NOT ONLY about home.

Cozy Home Hacks is also mindful about fitness & food. Health is a priority. So workouts, dinner ideas, meal prepping, and so on.

On here, you will also find beauty & fashion content. Expect make-up and skincare routines and many wishlists.

Mostly, Cozy Home Hacks is about building a cozy lifestyle. This a larger category in which you will find different, but relevant topics, from productivity to gift guides for board game lovers.

Cozy Home Hacks also discusses motherhood. From wanting to conceive to parenting. This is a work in progress topic, since I am not yet a mother, but beginning to look into the topic.

I really hope you will like my little internet corner. I’m so happy to have you here!



p.s. Sometimes I post digital products on Etsy, check out the Etsy Cozy Home Hacks store here