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Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Her Under $30

Winter is coming, so we’re all on a hunt for Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Her ….or him, doesn’t matter. 

Some people love Secret Santa. I’m not one of those people. Why? Because I like to put a lot of thought and care into the presents I give. And finding ideas for someone I don’t particularly know is pretty hard and exhausting. 

Now, I know some families do Secret Santa and that’s great. That means the above problem should not exist. But in most cases, Secret Santa is done at work or in a group of friends. And I’ve participated in a few gift exchanges in the last few years, so I know what to expect.

That’s why I know how hard it is. So I’ve decided to create this list of “Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Her”, all under $30, so you don’t break the bank for it. 

I hope you’ll find something useful in the list below!


Travel Mug 

Travel Mugs, or Coffee Mugs for that matter, are on top of my “Great Secret Santa Gifts Ideas for her” list. Most people enjoy a drink while working (be it coffee or tea or just plain water), so this gift idea will be useful for most women. 

I found this stunning aquamarine travel mug on Amazon and I would definitely buy it for myself. It’s made of high quality stainless steel (apparently, taste-free, rust-proof, leak-proof). And the lid is made of food-grade silicone, BPA free, with guaranteed high durability. Honestly, I just love the color.

aquamarine travel mug amazon

Another great travel mug option is this Contigo TwistSeal Travel Mug from Amazon, with cute coffee doodles. 

amazon coffee travel mug

Fancy Chocolate

Another cool Secret Santa gift idea for women is a box of chocolates or fancy sweets. It’s a wonderful treat that they can enjoy alone or with family. Just make sure the person is not allergic to chocolate or any other ingredients (milk, egg, peanuts, etc).

If you don’t know what to choose, you can splurge on a Godiva Chocolate Box, they’re the rave and best rated. But I think the Ferrero Rocher boxes are just as nice, and they’re a fraction of the price. It’s actually my favorite chocolate and I always recommend it to people, and also gift it to people. 

secret santa gift ideas for her chocolate box


This one might be a hit and miss for some. I recommend going with this specific Secret Santa gift idea for her only if you know this person well.

The book choice should be catered to that person’s interests. So if she reads non-fiction books, like personal development, try to get her a new release from the category. 

Or, if she has a specific hobby, a table book with that would be appreciated, I’m sure. 

If you really want to buy them a book, something like “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” can be a good choice for most people, especially co-workers and friends 🙂 

the subtle art of not giving a fuck cover amazon

Gift Sets

If you want to get out fast out of Secret Santa gift shopping, check out the gift sets section in Amazon or other big stores. I’m not saying to get the first thing you see, but there are some nice sets out there, like this Burt’s Bees one

burt's bees set secret santa gift ideas for her

Alternatively, you can do a self care set, a cocktail making set (but that would be more expensive) or a hot chocolate set. Just browse around and see what catches your eye and you feel it suits the person you are buying a gift for. 

USB Flash Drive

The USB Drive could be a fun choice for the “Secret Santa gifts ideas for her” list. Especially if you pick a fun design. 

It’s actually a great idea for men, as well. 

Anyway, here are some cute and fun USB flash drives you can get as a Secret Santa present for women. 

  1. Retro Metal Heart Key Shaped Thumb Drive from Amazon
retro key usb flash drive amazon
  1. Chocolate Bar USB Flash Drive from Amazon
chocolate bar usb drive

Adult Coloring Book 

You might disagree with this idea of Secret Santa gifts for her, but I think it would be funny. And useful for the stressed coworker or friend. Or the artistic one. 

Adult Coloring Books. 

You can find hundreds of them online. Some are the usual “color in shapes and animals”, like this stress-relieving coloring book from Amazon:

adult coloring book secret santa gift ideas for her

Others are so much funnier than that. If your female friend / coworker enjoys them, check this “F*ck this shit” coloring book, also from Amazon:

f*uck this shit adult coloring book

Classic scarf 

A classic scarf could make a great gift for older females. It’s simple and easy to wear, and a neutral color saves you the time to figure out what suits her. I suggest going with something like black, grey or beige. 

Here is a lovely classic scarf option from Amazon:

secret santa gift ideas for her scarf

Cute Notebook

Most people need an actual piece of paper to write to do lists. Or grocery lists. Or goals & action plans. Some even journal. 

If the person you are buying a Secret Santa gift for does any of the above, then you can definitely get her a cute notebook (or notepad). If she is a very digital gal, then you should skip this. 

There are hundreds of cool, unique, creative notebooks out there. Here are my top 3 picks from Amazon:

  1. Marble, Black/Gold/White Lined Ruled Notebook. This one is simple, yet classy, with a touch of elegance. 
marble notebook amazon
  1. Steel Mill & Co Cute Floral Mini Spiral Notebook. I love the cute print. It’s a bit more girly, and also more intense / interesting than the first option. Bonus points for being spiral bound.
floral mini notebook amazon
  1. Cats Journal / Notebook. This notebook would be great for, obviously, cat lovers / cat owners. 
cats notebook

Starbucks Gift Card

A Starbucks Gift Card (or 2) is the easiest item on the “Secret Santa gifts ideas for her” list.

Easy and fast to buy. (Most) Likely to be very much appreciated and used. Quickly. 

Get it from Amazon here

starbucks gift card secret santa gift ideas for her

Touch screen responsive gloves

When Secret Santa time comes around, it’s usually really cold outside (unless you live in Australia or something similar, down south).

So, what better gift to receive than a pair of touch screen responsive gloves? I personally would love a pair, and I know a lot of women who would need one, too. 

Check out this affordable Women’s Winter Touch Screen Gloves from Amazon

touch screen responsive gloves


Stuffed toys. I once received a green dinosaur. My first reaction was complete bewilderment and surprise. Then confusion. Then I just “filled” it in my brain as a bad Secret Santa present. 

NSFW objects. I really wouldn’t get into these types of presents unless 1) you absolutely know this person very well, and 2) it is not a work buddy / will not be presented at work. When I say NFSW, I mean things like sex toys, kama sutra books, etc.

Clothes. I don’t think this is a good idea because you don’t know that person’s style, or likes, or their exact size. So in order to avoid awkward situations, just skip clothes all together.

“Funny” stuff. You might think it’s funny, but some might not agree. Avoid this especially for people you don’t know very well, coworkers or older family members. 


So these are the Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Her that you can go to this year! I hope this was helpful and you got at least one good idea for your Secret Santa exchange. 

And if you’re stuck on gift ideas for other people, check out the gift guides below:

DISCLAIMER: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no extra cost to you.

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    Roamy Sarganser
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    shopping for Christmas present is complicated, thanks for sharing brilliant tips, this will make this festive season gift shopping a breeze

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      So glad you enjoyed this!

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    November 19, 2021 at 10:32 pm

    So many cute ideas! I love adult coloring books and also love that cute key shaped USB drive!

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