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Anthropologie Mirror Amazon Dupes – 4 Options under $250

The Anthropologie Primrose Mirror is making waves on the internet, especially on Tik Tok. Just like the Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch did.

And I get why. 

First of all, it has gold framing, and gold always looks good, especially in home decor.  

Second of all, the Anthropologie mirror frame has a very vintage, almost baroque look to it, and that’s what makes it so special. The intricate details on the top and the low sides are very beautiful and they definitely give a room a more special feel to it. 

Original Anthropologie Primrose Mirror
Original Anthropologie Primrose Mirror

The original Anthropologie Primrose mirror comes in four different sizes, and can be ordered with three different finishes: brass, black, and silver. Price-wise, it goes from $498 to $1550, and it’s constantly in or out of stock.

But let’s face it, most of us can’t afford it, so obviously, we’re all currently looking for anthropologie mirror amazon dupes. Because they’re cheaper and you can get them through Amazon Prime, so that works out for the best. 

Since I’ve fallen in love with it, I’ve also gone looking for it, too. That’s why I’ve compiled this list with 4+ anthropologie mirror amazon dupes that could definitely pass for the real one. Check it out below:

Kate and Laurel Arendahl Traditional Ornate Wall Mirror

Kate and Laurel Arendahl Wall Mirror

This is one of my favorites from the list. It has the same vintage details, but it’s a bit simpler, and you can find it in different finishes, not only gold. The one above is silver, and at the time of me writing this, the gold one was out of stock, but you might get luckier than me. Definitely bookmark it.

It comes in three sizes, it has keyhole hangers that are attached to the back for easier installation, and it’s under $150, so it’s a steal. Simple, yet effective!

Hamilton Hills Top Gold Baroque Wall Mirror

hamilton hills- anthropologie mirror amazon dupe

This is also similar to the original Anthropologie Primrose Mirror, but the edges are thicker. It gives a more rich and opulent feel to a room, and it definitely stands out. 

The Hamilton Hills mirror comes in three sizes: 24×36, 28×42 and 40×30. The company prides itself in its exceptional quality, and it assures that the product is safe because of the reinforced boxes it is shipped in. 

The smallest size option is just around $200, and the biggest one can go up to $225-250. 

As far as Anthropologie Mirror Amazon dupes are concerned, it’s a great option, especially if you’re looking for something bolder and bigger. 

Noble Park Morrey 25 3/4″ x 34 1/4″ Crown Top Angled Wall Mirror

noble park amazon mirror vintage

This is my favorite of the list of Anthropologie Mirror Amazon Dupes. I love the simple, yet imposing design and the sharp edges. 

Right now, the one size Noble Park mirror is $199, and while it’s a bit more expensive than the other options, I would definitely pay for it. 

Just be careful with shipping, some reviews say the mirror was shipped broken into pieces. But then again, that can happen with any heavy, glass product. The great thing about it is that you can return the item. (Fingers crossed you won’t need to)

Raphael Rozen VintageHanging Framed Wall Mounted Mirror in Antique Gold

raphael rozen vintage mirror

Now, I know this is not the exact same shape of the original primrose mirror, but if you’re looking for a vintage looking, gold framed mirror, this could be the one for you. 

It can be placed horizontally or vertically and it can be ordered in Antique Gold or Satin Gold. It also comes in multiple sizes from which you can choose from: 20×30, 26×36, 30×30, 30×40, 35.5×45.5. Take your pick!

Those were the 4 Anthropologie mirror amazon dupes that you can purchase if you don’t have the budget for the real one. Which one was your favorite?

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