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How To Declutter Your Phone: 4 Areas To Declutter & Free Up Space In Your Phone

Learning how to declutter your phone is a must in this time and age, when most of us have and constantly use a smartphone.

Actually, the more you use it, the more you need to organize it better. That’s because we tend to accumulate (sometimes) unnecessary things on it, like we (sometimes) do in our homes. 

So if you’re hoarding certain items or haven’t cleaned your phone in a while, then this post is for you. 

I will show you the 4 main areas you need to go over in order to save up space, but also improve your experience on it. 

Time-wise, you can do it in chunks. For example, you can allocate 20 minutes per area. 

(Except area 2, Photos, which will probably need to be split in even more chunks, especially if you take A LOT of photos.)

Or you can spend 1-2 hours on a rainy Sunday afternoon and go through all of the phone areas I mentioned above.

By the end of it you will have a clean, organized and clear smartphone that will help use it more efficiently. 

So let’s get going! Here’s how to declutter your phone: 


1. Home Screen

This is one of the easiest and fastest things you can do right now to clear space on your phone. 

Open your home screen and do the following:

a. Delete unused apps. Be ruthless about it. That online store you bought from a year ago, but haven’t touched ever since. It needs to go. Same with the photo editing you don’t like and don’t use, or that random grocery store app you downloaded during Christmas shopping for points and stopped using it afterwards. 

b. Create folders. For example, one for Utilities apps. One for Shopping. Photo Editing. Social Media, and so on. 

iphone home screen folders how to declutter your phone

This is helpful in so many ways:

  • You spend less time to find the specific app on your home screen
  • If your apps are organised by category, you can work faster and more efficiently. 
  • Better use of notifications. If the bank / utilities folder has a notification, and so does the social media one, then you probably already know that you need to check the first category folder. You can leave social media for later. If you didn’t have this segmentation, you would have been fooled by the Instagram or Facebook notification and you would have spent a lot of unnecessary time on them. 
  • Also easier for future decluttering tasks.

c. Change background, if you want to. This is a great time to change the background or lock screen visuals, too. According to likes, season, or just change up your family photos to recent ones. The purpose is to make it prettier and nice to look at.

2. Photos

This area is going to take the longest, especially if you like to photograph EVERYTHING. But it’s probably the most important section of this “how to declutter your phone” guide, because this helps you organize and clear the space the best. 

You need to go through all your photos and delete

  • Photos you don’t like
  • Duplicates / Very similar photos
  • Blurry ones
  • Screenshots of things you don’t need anymore

BONUS tip: Favorite the best pictures, then download and print them. Create an album and have it forever to look back on. This will be invaluable if you have the misfortune of losing your online photos. (if you delete them by mistake, or a virus prevents you from using them)

3. Media section of Whatsapp app 

You probably didn’t think of this, right? 

Well, the app has the option to automatically save the whatsapp pictures and videos people send to you. And that can occupy so much space. 

If you want to know if this is turned on for you, go to Whatsapp Settings, then chat and check off the Save to Camera Roll, if applicable. Choose not to save them. 

whatsapp save to camera roll

Another thing you can do is to or delete much older media content in your app. While it might not be saved in your photo gallery, it does occupy a lot of space in the app, so the app occupies more space in your phone. 

You can do it by going to the Whatsapp Settings, then Storage and Data, then Manage Storage, then go into the “Review and delete items” section and start going through it. I recommend going way back and start deleting the videos you don’t need anymore, those occupy a lot of space. 

whatsapp save media content

4. Music  

Clearing this area will probably not apply to all, especially if you don’t have a music app or if you don’t download music to listen offline. 

But if you do, go now to Apple Music or Spotify or whatever else you are listening to. See what you downloaded. And delete what you don’t listen to anymore. This helps save you so much space and it will refresh your playlists. 


In my opinion, everyone needs to know this: how to declutter your phone. This will help you organise it, clear space, and use it more efficiently for a longer period of time. Do it now!

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