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Gift Ideas for Homebodies – Gift Guide for People Who Like to Stay At Home

If you’re looking for gift ideas for homebodies, you’ve come to the right place… because I am a homebody, I am one of those people who like to stay at home. 

My idea of a good time was never clubbing or partying the night away. I actually don’t even remember ever getting blackout drunk. 

What I do enjoy is spending time with my friends, with my partner or by myself, and if it’s at home, that’s even better, because I get to feel comfortable and not worry (that much) about what to wear, or other people, money, and so on. Home is always a good place for me, and that’s why I strive to make it as nice and inviting as possible. (That’s actually one of the reasons I started this blog)

When it comes to gift ideas for homebodies, I know my stuff, so I’ve created the list below taking into consideration what me and my friends use to relax at home. Most of them are tried and true, but of course, to each its own. 

So if the person you love spends that much time at home, and it’s that time of the year to get him/her a present (Christmas and/or birthday), you have take into consideration the following points and make sure that 

  1. he/she wear comfortable clothes
  2. they are entertained
  3. he/she feels pampered and/or relax

The best gift ideas for homebodies can be answers to one of the points above. So let’s start! 

If you’re looking for a gift guide for people who don’t like to leave the house aka homebodies, check out the list below:

Comfy Loungewear Set 

You can definitely start by ordering them a loungewear set that looks cool, but also feels great. This Amazon Women’s Two Piece Outfit with a Short Sleeve and Tracksuit Pants is cool, decently priced, and it comes in sooooo many colors, you have plenty to choose from (including tie dye). 

comfy amazon loungewear set

For more inspiration, check my Best Amazon Loungewear Sets article, there are at least 10 different sets you can choose from.

Board Games

I love board games and I always recommend them to people because they provide entertainment and they work both in couples and in large groups. 

My go-to Board Game is Ticket to Ride. It’s light, easy to play, yet competitive, colorful, and a great way to spend long, cold nights at home (or warm evenings, depending on the season). 

ticket to ride board game gift ideas homebodies

If you’re not familiar with board games, and don’t know where to start, check out my Board Games for Beginners list, you’ll get more gift ideas there. 

Vinyl machine

This is not an obvious choice for a gift, but it could make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift idea for homebodies, especially if they love music. A vinyl record player. 

If you want a cool, sleek, but also more 21st century vinyl player, go for the Victrola vinyl machine. It has over 40k great reviews and, most importantly, it’s a Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speakers. Wow!

victrola vinyl record player

If you want a machine that has a more classic look and feel to it, go for this Turntable Vinyl Player. Great price, too!

Cozy Slippers

Can someone really be comfortable at home without cozy slippers? I think not. 

That’s why I believe one of the best gift ideas for homebodies is a pair of cozy slippers. I like them so much, I even wrote a cool guide about cozy slippers. (click the link for more ideas)

When choosing a pair, take into consideration the weather and the personal preferences, of course. But a pair like these Muk ones could make a great choice. 

muk slippers gift idea

Favorite drink of choice

I have to admit, I was going to recommend tea as a great gift idea for homebodies, but then again, not everybody drinks tea, and some might actually prefer wine or beer to tea or coffee. 

So instead, I suggest getting the person who doesn’t like to leave the house something good to drink, according to their preferences. It could be:

  • A good bottle of wine;
  • Selection of teas; (or a tea subscription box, like Sips by)
  • South American sourced coffee;
  • A beer subscription;
  • 18 year old bottle of whisky.

And the list continues. Whatever they like to consume!

Candles and / or Incense 

Can we really have a gift guide for people who like to stay home without candles? I don’t think so. 

Any homebody who wants to have a clean and cozy home needs candles. They help make the house smell better, and sometimes, they can even have a therapeutic effect. Especially if they are lavender or peppermint, those usually help calm anxious personalities. 

I recommend going with this lovely sea mint & spruce candle from Amazon, it works both for summer and winter days, and it looks so pretty! 

la jolie muse amazon candle

Stars installation

This is something you would usually find in children’s gift guides, but I really think an adult would love it just as much. 

stars installation amazon

A star installation gives a magical touch to any room, especially a bedroom (or entertaining room, if you have one). I think it would be a great gift idea for people who want to make nights better.

This blue one is from Amazon, you can check it out here.


I found that most people who enjoy spending time at home usually like to read. So unless the person who likes to stay at home doesn’t like to read, you’re free to buy almost any book. Ideally, you would know what kinds of books he/she likes, and will try to buy something similar. 

I always recommend going for fiction, especially fantasy or thrillers, just because I feel these genres are more entertaining, but please do ask around before buying. Like Falling by T.J. Newman.

falling tj newman

But some people only read non-fiction, for example. Then you try to go for the personal development books like The Comfort Book by Matt Haig, which sounds amazing: “it’s a collection of notes, lists, and stories written over a span of several years that originally served as gentle reminders to Haig’s future self that things are not always as dark as they may seem. Incorporating a diverse array of sources from across the world, history, science, and his own experiences, Haig offers warmth and reassurance, reminding us to slow down and appreciate the beauty and unpredictability of existence.”

the comfort book matt haig gift ideas homebodies

Cool Mugs

This last item on the gift ideas for homebodies list is not that original, but can be very appreciated, especially if the person who likes to stay at home

  1. Needs a new mug
  2. Loves mugs

So here are two mug options:

  1. The classic mug, like this blue ceramic set of 2 mugs
blue ceramic mugs
  1. A funny mug, like this one:
funny mug sloth gift ideas

And here we are: 9 gift ideas for homebodies aka people who like to stay at home! What was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no extra cost to you.

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    July 29, 2021 at 12:24 pm

    I am a homebody at heart and love these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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      So happy you enjoyed, hopefully you got some ideas from it!

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