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Best Gift ideas for Astrology lovers: Ultimate Gift Guide

If you’re here, you probably have an astrology lover in your life. You know, a person whose first question when meeting someone new is “what’s your zodiac sign?”. Or someone who reads the horoscope daily and can tell you if the stars are aligned enough to help you get that promotion. 

Since you’re looking for gift ideas for astrology lovers, that persons’ birthday is coming up. Or Christmas is coming and you have no idea what to get him/her. 

It’s ok, I’m here to help. Not only am I into zodiac signs myself, but one of my best friends is an expert in astrology, zodiac, star readings and so on. So I’ve been in your shoes many times. 

Below you will find horoscope-based gifts ideas. Think books. Jewelry. Clothes. Coloring books. Tarot cards. You’ll find gifts for people just starting with astrology, but also for hard core astrology lovers. 

If your loved one is a newbie, you can definitely go for a book with more info about the topic. If he/she already knows the most important concepts, you can try buying them fun stuff, like coloring books, mugs, jewelry or tarot cards. 

I hope this list helps you. Here are my top gift ideas for astrology lovers. 

For newbies- BOOK: The Complete Guide to Astrology

This book is perfect for beginners. It’s detailed, well structured and It will help them understand the stars and their birth chart. Basic stuff, but for the curious minds. Written by Louise Edington, an Evolutionary Astrologer, it has 4 and a half star ratings on Amazon. Buy it here.

For the stressed zodiac lover – Astrology Cats Coloring book

This is one of the best gift ideas for astrology lovers out there. It has CATS! I mean, what more do you want? Just kidding. This is a fun idea for someone who works too hard. Or maybe for an artistic soul who also enjoys cats? Definitely give it a try. You can find it on Amazon here

astrology cats coloring book
coloring book

If he/she doesn’t like cats, you can try a normal zodiac coloring book

For the mystic soul – Tarot deck and guidebook

Some will disagree that Tarot is not the same thing as astrology, and technically, they are right. But I noticed that most people who are into the zodiac are also into tarot reading. So if your loved one wants to take the next step, get him/her this tarot deck. It’s one of the best and most used ones out there, it has great reviews. 

tarot deck and guidebook
Tarot deck & guidebook

For couples – Cosmo’s Zodiac Sex

The chances that there is a couple out there who reads the horoscope are pretty slim. But if you find one, definitely gift them this sexy book with zodiac-inspired positions (Bossy in Bed Aries, Slow ‘n Sizzly Taurus, and the list continues).

For the fashionable zodiac diva- Earrings or Bracelets

When it comes to gift ideas for astrology lovers, you can’t overlook jewelry. Most people will proudly show their zodiac sign. And what better way to do that then with jewelry? So if you know a zodiac diva, get her these earrings or this bracelet, I bet she will love it. 

For gamers – Horoscope Puzzle 500 pieces

This could be a great present for gamers, especially those who love puzzles, of course, or for board games aficionados. It’s a 500 piece horoscope puzzle and it’s stunning. Personally, I would frame afterwards, too.  

zodiac inspired puzzle 500 pieces
Zodiac inspired puzzle

For the homebody – Queen Duvet Cover Set with Zodiac Signs

Rejoice, there is a gift out there for introverts and homebodies who you can’t get out of the house! Let me introduce to you the Duvet Cover Set with Zodiac Signs. Simple and stylish, it will keep your friend or loved one warm, and for that, they will always love you. 

For the homebody- option 2 – Zodiac Candle

Since I am the self-proclaimed queen of a cozy home, I must recommend to you candles. This one, from Etsy, is very cool, and seems to have a great scent (cranberry and pine). Check out the Etsy store for the other signs, as well. 

For the Happy Hour lover – Cocktail Recipe book

If your astrology-loving friend also enjoys a cocktail, every now and then, here is the perfect gift: a cocktail recipe book inspired by astrology. You’ll find the best drinks for every occasion, no matter your zodiac sign. 

For the writer …  or the entrepreneur- Personalized Zodiac Notebook

Researching for this article, I found this amazing Personalised Star Sign Constellation Notebook. I think this would make a wonderful gift for a writer friend, or maybe someone who is very organized and likes to write things down. 

So here we are 10 fun, cool, gift ideas for astrology lovers! I have personally gifted the jewelry and 1 or 2 books from this list, and my friends loved it!

What would you gift? What’s your favorite horoscope-based gift from the list above? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. If your friend is a guy, and he doesn’t like horoscopes, maybe you should check out this blog post: Gift Ideas for Men!

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