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How to pack for summer vacation + Packing Checklist

Packing for summer vacation should be the least of your problems, because, come on, you’re going on vacation!!! YEY!

I, for one, can’t wait to go on mine. I actually have two summer vacations planned: one is just a weekend away at the seaside (we live about 2.5-3 hours next to the sea), and the second one is a longer one, a one week road trip. Counting the days!

Since I’ve always loved to travel and I had the privilege and opportunity to do so, I’ve gotten used to packing fairly quickly. By quick, I mean I’m usually done in 30 min to an hour, tops, depending on the length of the trip. 

But I always manage to forget something, or don’t even think to bring it in the first place. For example, on my last trip, I forgot to bring tweezers, and I had two strays that bugged me for 3 whole days before I caved in and brought a cheap one from the supermarket to resolve the situation. (Guess who just added tweezers to her list of summer vacation packing?)

So I’ve decided to create a packing checklist for summer vacations, based on my previous experiences. Here is how to pack for summer vacations, I hope it helps you pack better and faster, so you won’t forget anything and the whole process doesn’t stress you out:

How To Pack for Summer Vacation

how to pack for summer vacation - the packing checklist
How to download: Right click, then click on “Open image in new tab”, then “Save image as..”. After you’ve saved it, feel free to print it out or open it on your iPad or computer.


The key tip on how to pack for summer vacation that I can give, especially when it comes to clothes, is to plan your outfits. 

Let’s say you are gone for three days. Think of three outfits, top + bottom. 

If you want to save space, you can wear one pair of jeans for two days and the third day you’ll wear a dress. So instead of three pairs of pants and three tops, you will have one pair of pants, two tops and one dress. 4 items instead of 6. More room for souvenirs and shopping, am I right? 

Besides your daily outfits, don’t forget pajamas, socks, underwear (bras and panties). Maybe an outfit for late nights or days you stay inside, if you’re staying in, and not visiting and walking all day.  Or a car drive outfit, if you’re going on a road trip (more tips on how to prepare for road trips here).

If you’ve already reserved a meal at a fancy restaurant, maybe grab a special outfit for that night, too.

And of course, don’t forget bathing suits and cover-ups. I recommend at least 2 bathing suits, for diversity and for wetting reasons. 


This section of “how to pack for summer vacation” will look different according to taste, destination, comfort level, etc. You choose what you know you need and want. 

Flip Flops will be mandatory if you’re going to the pool / seaside, and so will sunglasses. 

Maybe you won’t need beach towels, so check to see if your hotel provides them. 


This is a rather important section of your luggage. You definitely need a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, even SPF, if you’re going to the beach. 

Otherwise, some things you can leave behind, if you want to pack light. For example, you might be able to skip body wash, shampoo and conditioner, if the hotel provides them. 

The rest is up to you. For example, makeup. How to pack for summer vacation when it comes to makeup? Well, you might only bring a CC cream, a concealer and a mascara. Or you might have a separate bag just for your makeup products. Your choice. (Just make sure you have room for them in your luggage)


Then we have the “Others” category. This includes electronics, chargers, entertainment, and the little things that you usually keep in your purse / carry on, like documents, lip balm, tissues, and so on. 

The two most important items of this list are, by far, the phone charger and the travel documents. Definitely don’t forget those!

And that’s it. That’s how to pack for summer vacation! The printable above should help you pack everything you need! Let me know in the comments if I missed anything!

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