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Casual Summer Dresses Under 30$ – Best Amazon Finds

Casual Summer Dresses are my go-to outfits for the warmer months. I especially like the t-shirt loose ones, but sometimes I go for ruffles and off-the-shoulders, too. 

Now, when I say outfits, don’t think that I wear dresses all day, every day, even when I’m home. No, I usually wear dresses when I leave the house, be it for a Target run, or a brunch with friends. 

I do have some very comfortable summer house dresses, but most of the time you’ll see me in shorts and tank tops in my own home. 

But I think most of us want and need cute casual summer dresses. Preferably comfortable ones in which we don’t sweat that much. 

So it’s time to enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather, and wear as little as we can. JUST KIDDING! I just meant that we should wear lighter clothes, like summer dresses, so that we can feel better when the heatwaves come around. 

That’s why I’m here to help you with at least 10 types of casual summer dresses you can find on Amazon. They’re all under $30, ‘cause we don’t need to spend more than that on Amazon summer dresses, am I right? 

I tried to recommend a wide variety of dresses, from simple black ones, to colorful ruffles. I also tried to pick casual summer dresses that run in bigger sizes, up to 2x or 3x. Hope that helps!

So here are 10 casual summer dresses under $30, all Amazon finds:

Women’s Casual Plain Simple T-Shirt Loose Dress

casual summer dresses black t-shirt

This is one of the most basic casual summer dresses you can have, but it definitely does the trick. It’s simple, black, loose, comfortable, and not too short! I already have one mailed out,  I bet it’s going to be one of my most worn outfits this summer. 

Summer Casual T-shirt Dresses for Women

amazon summer casual t-shirt dress

This Polyester casual summer dress is lightweight, soft and comfortable. I love the print on it, and I think you can definitely wear it even for fancier occasions, like garden parties or events. Bonus points for having two side hidden pockets!

Women’s Casual Short Sleeve Stretchy T Shirt Dress

casual bodycon summer dress

I love this type of dress because it’s comfortable (a t-shirt material), but also looks a bit fancy, since it’s almost bodycon style, AND it’s got that “wrapped” look at the bottom. This particular one is cute, but they have it in so many other colors, including green, pink, blue.

Women’s Casual Short Sleeve Striped T-Shirt Dress

amazon black striped casual summer dresses

This would be my “go to Target” dress. Cute shape, cool print (stripes) and short enough to feel girly, yet comfortable. I went with the black version with the white stripes, but there are other colors, too. The grey one would also be a great choice. Price wise, it’s amazing, it’s one of the cheapest on the list. Definitely check it out.

Women’s Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

off the shoulder women's dress blue amazon

This is one of the best casual summer dresses on the list, in my opinion. It’s lightweight, stretchy, breathable and comfortable. But more importantly, it’s off the shoulder, with a side split, and in a great color. It could be a great outfit for summer parties, beach holidays & more. I highly recommend this one!

Summer Women’s Ruffle Mini Dress

women's floral print dress

I admit, I chose this one because of the print, I’m a sucker for floral prints. It’s also just the right length and it has a bit of a sleeve (great for people who don’t like to wear sleeveless dresses). I  could definitely see this work with a wicker bag, a hat and some sandals. 

Hount Women’s Summer Sleeveless Casual Dress

grey striped summer dress

Another top 3 Casual Summer Dresses pick. A grey striped midi dress WITH POCKETS. Goes up to an XX-Large and it’s made of soft and stretchy material. What more could you want?

Women’s V Neck Ruffle Dress

v-neck ruffle dress

Any casual summer dresses list must have one with a fun print. Or a special design. This one definitely fits the bill for both types. Add the ruffles, and that makes 10 times more interesting. It’s a very cute dress. I’m not a fan of the short length, but I’m sure that some will love that. 

Women’s Summer Dresses with Spaghetti Strap

casual summer dresses spaghetti strap

The spaghetti strap casual summer dresses are trending this summer, and with good reason, I love them, too. They have a cool mix of comfortable and slightly elegant. 

Moreover, the back is elastic AND it goes to 3X-Large. Also, it comes in different colors.

What more can I say to convince you? Just go for it. 

Relipop Summer Women Dress with V Neck

summer wrap around dress red

Another fan favorite in the last few years, the wrap-around short dress is also a contender in the casual summer dresses list. Its tie closure and soft, breathable material make it a great choice for summer outfits.

There you have it: 10 casual summer dresses you can find on Amazon right now!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Enjoy summer by also decorating your outdoor area with these cool items!

**This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no extra cost to you.

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