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How to remove coffee stains from carpet

You probably just spilled coffee on the floor, didn’t you? And don’t know how to remove coffee stains from your rug? 

For the very fast answer, just scroll down a bit and read how to get rid of coffee stains from carpet. 

And know that I completely understand what you’re going through, because I’ve been in that situation exactly 6 days ago. 

I was getting ready to leave, so I decided to have one last sip of my iced coffee. I drank it and when I wanted to put the glass back on the table, I missed my mark and it tumbled down. Luckly, not all the coffee got on the carpet, but it was enough to make a rather large spot on my rug. 

The next 5 minutes were spent frantically trying to find a solution, Googling “how to remove coffee stains from carpet” and calling my mom to give me cleaning hacks. With the help of Google and my mom, I managed to get most of it out, and to the untrained eye, it’s not even noticeable. But I still want to try some other things, too, because I still notice it. 

Here is what I did to remove the stains from my carpet.

How to remove coffee stains from carpet

  1. Quickly blot the stain, don’t rub

If the coffee stain is fresh, you have to move fast and make sure the stain doesn’t stick to the carpet or spread. So take a white cloth and blot the coffee, going from the outside to the middle of the stain. 

DON’T RUB THE CARPET, it will make it way worse to clean, because the coffee will be trapped in the fibers of the rug. 

  1. Use the following homemade coffee stain cleaning solution 

Take out a bowl and mix 

  • one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, 
  • one tablespoon of white vinegar and 
  • two cups of warm water. 

Then grab a clean cloth, dip it into the solution and apply it on the coffee stain. Similarly to the last step, go from outside to the middle of the stain. After you’ve covered the whole area, blot it with a dry towel. 

  1. Rinse with cold water

Use cold water on a clean cloth to rinse the area, making sure to blot up the liquid, not rub. Then let the carpet air dry.

Easiest way to remove coffee stains from carpet

If you can and have the means to do it, just take it to the cleaners….or use a powerful carpet cleaner. Below you’ll find a decently priced alternative from Amazon.

carpet cleaner power dash
Power Dash – You can find on Amazon here:

The carpet cleaners have the best tools, are expert in removing all kinds of stains and will, most likely, do a better job than you would. Yes, they are a more expensive option, but if you want to save yourself the hassle, just take the carpet to the carpet cleaners. 

What I tried and didn’t really work

A while ago, I had a small coffee stain and, at the moment, the only thing I could think of is the classic clothes stain remover. So I used it, I sprayed it on the carpet, then rubbed it off with water. I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have rubbed it off, because guess what, it didn’t really work. 

Maybe I should have tried steaming it. I recently read about a hack for how to remove coffee stains from carpet where you apply the solution, let it sit for 10 minutes, then put a damp cloth over it and iron it for 30 seconds. Apparently that takes out the stain, but I haven’t tried it yet. 

How to remove old coffee stains

If a member of your family did the deed and didn’t tell you, or if you postponed the cleaning moment, don’t fret, there are solutions. 

coffee spills and stains

Start by wetting the stain with warm water to loosen the dried coffee. Then follow the steps above as if it was a fresh new coffee stain. 

If it doesn’t work, well, I’m sorry to say you might need to take the carpet to the cleaners (or have them come by your place), they should be able to clean any difficult spots. 

I hope at least one of my solutions on how to remove coffee stains from carpet helped. Let me know in the comments if you have any other cleaning hacks up your sleeves!

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no extra cost to you.

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